Hi all, hoping to get some collective wisdom on shocks, springs and settings! I am enjoying my 15 year old gasgas 125 still, but after riding a few recent model bikes I’ve turned some attention to see what I can do to improve my suspension when we head into the off season. I’m 74kg so with gear sit right in the weight that most suspensions are made for. Forks are on lightest preload and dampening, which is working for me and will reassess once I refresh the fork oil. Rear shock is fully wound down, and with dampening almost fully wound out, is on pace with forks, doing the push-the-seat-test. Waiting on a fork tool purchase to play with different settings, but already thinking Could it be time for the fairly cheap investment in a new spring? Would it be less harsh and more compliant if preload is in the middle instead of at full compression? Or would I likely end up on full compression anyway?

Posted by Glen Horn at 2022-10-17 06:28:13 UTC