Ok the 3rd video from this weekend, @Neil Price this is the one I am asking for help on. I think it may be mental, but maybe there is something I am doing that is triggering my bailout response. I hit this so many times the other day and from try one til the end it pretty much went exactly like you see. I notice I am bailing out before my rear tire really makes good contact most times. In my head I am not feeling the impact (obviously because it hasn't happened yet) and am feeling the bike get pretty vertical and since I am not feeling the impact to knock me back down I am bailing out I think... anyway thoughts and ideas are welcome. One of our top guys got me to try it, and he stood there with me as a minder, then moved on to try and coach me some, and then rode it several times making it look pretty dang easy lol. 40 more years experience would probably do that 不不不. Anyway wouldn't mind another observation and some ideas to try. Thanks.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-07-05 06:35:59 UTC