Hello!! Just a quick update for Apple users!! Thank you for every one, bearing with me as I work through getting all the members back in! The Obstacle Series of videos will begin going up next week!! I am really excited to get those up! If you are having trouble getting the new app to work on an Apple Ipad or Iphone, so far all the problems have been with updating your device to the latest Operating software (the program that runs the phone/ipad). When you update the new operating system, It will allow you to go to the app store and get the new app. BUT this update is making some older phones and ipads redundant. If this is you, you will find out as it won't allow you update to the latest Operating System. BUT There is a work around so you can keep using the community on your old iphone or ipad and have the icon on your home screen. This is not the actual app, but it still works well and its a cheaper option than a new phone/ipad. Step 1 - Open this link below in the Safari web browser https://community.trialsandenduroskills.com/signup Step 2 - tap the icon at the centre bottom of the screen that looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of it. Step 3 Scroll Down and hit "add to home screen" Step 4 Change the name if you want and then hit add Then you will find it on the home screen of your device.

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-10-14 04:08:55 UTC