I’m happy that the community is back up and running again. I’ve been trying to learn as many new things as possible and spend time on the saddle. Im getting better as the RSG technique and improving on static balance too, but a long way to go. I also got myself a shinko sr241 trials tyre for the rear and a new rear shock that offers a little more rebound. I’ve also been contemplating an investment into a proper trials bike. There’s 2 of them available here, a and I’m trying to figure out which one to invest in as they’re both pricey. 1. A 1995 Beta techno. Looks sweet but is 4 days away from where I am. And is a gray bike that was bought off a Japanese auction 2. A 1999 Honda rtl250 brand new and never used and everything’s crumbling due to dry rot. Which is close to me and easier to access. Any thoughts on which would be better? But all in all happy to be able to be here and say hi to everyone

Posted by Deleted (7edfd395) at 2022-10-09 13:20:09 UTC