Ok so here is video #2 from yesterday. This video is to show the difference between a low rpm pop of the clutch vs getting a bit of rpm built, letting off the throttle, and then dropping the clutch. In the middle is Connor. He was on the FB group, pretty sure he isn't on here. Connor is 14 and learning quick. He rode novice last year, intermediate this year, and at the last event walked away with 3 points 😲. I know he'll be gunning for me next year 😁. The way Connor tackles it is a bit more of the tradition jab at the footpegs,and drop the clutch. This isn't a evaluation of right and wrong, or a "this is how to do a...." video. It is just a simple look at a few ways of trying something and how each one of those ways turned out. On my last two runs watch the timing between throttle application, and clutch release. Hope y'all enjoy! @Andrew von Berky you can get a better look at the log from my last video in this one. The ground slopes away a bit on the backside as I was hitting it in the other video. If the bashplate got hung up on the log and especially on an uneven section of it it can make for an awkward few moments.

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-07-05 02:26:47 UTC