Hi everyone. Great to have the platform back up, I've been missing the ideas and motivation it gives! I've made it to a reasonable number of events, for me. The big surprise was that I won the MV Trials Series, Trial 3 (B Grade)! My first trials trophy - "that's going straight to the pool room." Just goes to show that attendance counts for at least as much as competence when it comes to a series. Given one of my longer term goals was to be able to ride Trial 3 without making a complete fool of myself before I became too old and doddery to do so, I'll take it. This season has certainly driven home the message that you've got to practice in taped sections to be able to ride taped sections - so many points for things I could easily do if those damned tapes weren't there! Riding time has been up and down, but still getting in a reasonable amount. Recently I got my new small, clutched electric trials bike - the Beta hasn't even been started in a few weeks! So much fun. Also hooked up with a small group of 6 or so riders about 1.5 hours away who practice together on Sundays for a few hours. They've got a spot with 20 sections permanently taped and marked, with periodic alterations. I try to get there every few weeks. Nice to ride with others for a change.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-10-08 22:22:26 UTC