Whilst I have not been getting out and practicing a great deal by myself during the relaunch of this site, I have attended two group coaching sessions and done a lot of riding with trial club days and on the enduro bike. I’d not come away from the coaching sessions feeling like I had had any breakthrough moments, however over time and with all the other riding, I feel like things have clicked recently, which has been seen in my trial competition scores. I came 4th a couple of months ago and was beating 3rd place up until the last section of the day. During that event I had my first ever clean round i.e. out of 4 rounds of 10 sections, I scored 0 on the 2nd round by cleaning each of the 10 sections. At a more recent event (Fathers Day Classic) I came third and got my first trials trophy! We had 5 rounds of 6 sections, and I cleaned the last 3 rounds. So I was pretty stoked with that. After the competition had finished but before sections had been pulled down, a bunch of riders went back out to practice. I decided to try some of the easier blue lines (next class up) and was able to clean some and only take a dab on some others. I’m planning on stepping up a class next year if I continue to see improvement. Maybe I’ll ease in with the split lines. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and seeing improvements in their riding.

Posted by Dan Evans at 2022-10-07 23:50:38 UTC